The Story

In the bustling city of Grisiv, Wiol Alkko leads a group of con artists, who have been playing tricks on the superstitious locals, especially the nobility. Lining their pockets through shameless trickery, the group is finally close to their goal: raising enough money so that each member can achieve their individual goals, despite the odds. However, on the night of the swindlers' last scam, Wiol is faced with an unexpected problem, one that could give him a fate worse than death, and that will make him rethink his mockery of the supernatural.

The Author

A freelance artist, cartoonist, hobbyist animator, and paper artist when time allows. Also, an eldritch being whose art somehow winded up (partially) cute and heartwarming, perhaps to mask the everlasting darkness within its doomed heart. One day, this hideous creature will manage to conquer this puny world, but for now, it's trying to make a living out of comics, so it can hopefully survive until then.