Wiol Alkko

Leader of a con artist group, and a skilled hunter in his spare time, selling game meat. Skeptical and bitter about superstitions, beliefs, and magic overall due to an incident in the past, he feels a certain satisfaction in earning a few extra bucks by taking
advantage of superstitious people, to the point of even impersonating a witch. The cost of this boldness, however, will soon prove to be very high.


A mysterious storyteller who likes to travel and interact with nature. His unexpected encounter with a sham witch will bring long-forgotten truths (and problems) back to the surface.

Mheri Trisses

An unprecedented genius, but unfortunately born in a place where her inventions are not appreciated. Talented at getting information (and working in taverns) she joined a group of con artists to raise funds for her inventions. But in the end, will it be enough to boost her career?

Hedvin Yuda

A gentle and friendly botanical researcher, always eager to learn more in hopes of finding a cure for his grandmother's strange dementia. Although hesitantly, temporarily joining a bunch of swindlers was the only viable way he had to stand a chance to reach any helpful knowledge.

Agnes Yuda

Edwin's grandmother, which often suffers from sudden bouts of madness(maybe it's age?). When she's not chewing tangerines, she's busy blatantly taking advantage of something or someone, to Edwin's embarrassment.

Boris Jol

A worker from Lower Grisiv with a knack for charming young ladies(and making lads groan in disgust), despite being extremely tacky. Playful and carefree, he joined a strange gang in the city of Grisiv to alleviate the hard life he leads in the suburbs.